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GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers

When tracker technology was first introduced into the public arena customers’ expectations grew at a far faster pace than the technology was able to deliver. Do trackers now meet with customers often outlandish requirements?

The pace of new technology moves ever faster and with it global communication becomes ever easier. I remember, as a boy of about 8 years of age, walking along the street talking about new gadgets with my friends. I suggested that one day we would have a phone that we could carry about and communicate on wherever we were and a friend of mine dreamed of television on a Wrist Watch. Others in the group laughed and put down our seemingly wild suggestions commenting that we would never see things like that in our life time. What I really didn’t expect was that advancement in technology would produce answers so soon.

Whilst you could say that the expectations of two of us were quite high in comparison to our counterparts at the time, the level of expectation that we were showing pales into insignificance considering the demanding nature of today’s consumer, who automatically thinks that anything is possible and they can have it right now! My personal belief is that media hype and films that contain the imaginary or science fictional material lead some to believe that the impossible can be created ‘at the drop of a hat’.

The spy and surveillance equipment retail sector is completely cloaked in high customer expectation, especially in the area of GPS trackers. When GPS tracking technology was first introduced it was expensive and fairly crude. Tracker units were the size of house bricks, gave patchy results and were power hungry, requiring a heavy duty power source to keep them functioning. In 5 years vehicle trackers had seriously evolved into stand-alone self-contained units that could be attached using magnets to the underside of a vehicle. Despite these advances movies and TV programmers such as Spooks led many to believe that trackers could be made incredibly small to the point that a tracker could be easily placed on a person without their knowledge.

I guess that it will always be the case that some consumers will have expectations that cannot be met, but what about today’s trackers. Are they at least fulfilling some of yesteryears dreams? They may just be doing that. Some of the latest devices are small enough to slip into the lining of a handbag with being noticed and yes, they do have enough battery power to keep going for over a week. I have no doubt that we will soon have a unit half of the size that can be slipped into the lining of a coat with drawing attention.

I was once asked for a tracker that could be included in the filling of a tooth. Of course at the time I had to try hard not to scoff at the expectation of a potential customer. You watch as I am proved wrong in the next ten years!. Now that would be quite scary!