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Covert Voice Recorders


Covert Voice Recorders

The public perception of the term voice recorder relate to tape recorders and digital dictation machines and maybe a recorder application on their mobile phone or Nintendo DS. Whilst these devices are ideal for making personal notes and dictation, they really do not figure in the world of surveillance in their own right. These devices are obvious in their operation and could not be relied upon to covertly record all sounds made within a room because the microphone technology is not designed to pick up on sounds that are more than a couple of meters away. Add into the equation that normal dictation machines rely on standard battery power and it is not hard to see why these devices are not useful surveillance voice recorders.

This is exactly the reason that there is such a gap in the market for specialized covert voice recorders. The majority of people stake a high value on what they hear. If they get to hear a live or recorded conversation, then this can serve to clarify a situation or to provide relevant information for a future event. Hearing even only one side of a conversation may give enough detail to plan a future surveillance operation or even may serve to confirm a certain preconceived belief. Voice recorders that can be used to record an important meeting may serve to protect the rights of an individual.

Covert voice recorders come in various forms. Portable devices take the format of pens, key fobs, calculators and even USB flash drives, but voice recording technology built into things such as a smoke alarm with facility to record for a week are now entering the market. Audio surveillance products that are this powerful are gradually changing the public’s perception of voice recording technology. Covert sound recorders of this type will get more sophisticated, and more powerful. They are as important today as when the first microphone was invented. Specialist surveillance voice recorders are here to stay.